3 things you commonly do that damage your auto glass

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Car owners don’t really thing about the importance of their auto glass’ integrity. And why would they? The auto glass seems intact and all is well. No reasons to worry. However, we at Auto Glass Express Chandler are well aware that some of your habits can seriously compromise the integrity of your auto glass, starting from what you do in winter, how you maintain your auto glass etc. So what are the key mistakes you do that seriously impact your auto glass?

Using household cleaning products

Household glass cleaning products are intended for one thing…cleaning the glass on your house. Many of these cleaning products have strong ingredients and with repeated use, they can seriously compromise and damage the window seals on your auto glass. Some of these products contain Ammonia which damages the window tint and protective seal around your windshield.

So instead of this, we highly recommend using cleaning products specifically designed for cleaning auto glass. These are affordable, easy to get products that you can buy at your local auto parts dealer. And if you’re so keen on not spending any money on special cleaning products, you can always use a mixture of wine vinegar and water. This is a good alternative.


Most of you heard about the three-second rule! But, unfortunately not many drivers practice this in real-life situations. But why is this important. Well there are a few reasons.

Firstly, following too closely the car in front of you significantly reduces your reaction time so you might not be able to stop your vehicle in time if you need to. You’ll get into an accident and damage your auto glass.

Secondly, if you’re driving on roads covered in gravel or smaller rock, and you’re following the car in front of you way to closely, the gravel and rocks kicked by the front car, will be projected onto your windshield. Smaller rocks can cause superficial damage to your auto glass. But what if the car kicks back a large enough rock and that hits your windshield? Well, you might end up with a serious windshield crack that you will need to repair or to replace your windshield.

Thirdly, tailgating in poor weather conditions (snow or heavy rain) can seriously impact your visibility of the road. Just like with the rock, the rear wheel of the car in front of you will spray some of the water from the road back at you. And no matter how fast your wipers work, chances are you won’t be able to clear everything, the water will compromise your vision, and you won’t be able to react on time if there’s need for it. In situations like those…a fraction of the second could make a big difference.

Quickly defrosting your auto glass

We’ve all dropped ice cubes into room temperature water and we all know what happens – the well familiar crackle and pop. But why?

Well, the outer layer of the ice cube gets warmer, starts to expand while the inner part of the cube is still frozen solid and contracted. Both layers of the ice cube expand at different rates which causes the outer layer to crack. The same thing can happen with our auto glass.

When it’s cold outside, and your windshield freezes, and you get in your car and crank up the defrost to maximum, you’re exposing your cold and frozen auto glass to a significantly higher temperature. The outer layer of your windshield (which is actually made from TWO layers of glass) is still contracting from the freezing cold and the inner layer is expanding due to the increase of temperature. The end result…your windshield cracks. This can also happen even if it’s not freezing cold outside.

So the best thing to do is to gradually increase the temperature until your auto glass defrosts. Yes, it might take some time, but it will be worth your while!