Should you repair or replace your damaged auto glass?

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If your auto glass sustained damage, whether it’s a small chip or a crack, you must be wondering whether you should have the damage repaired or just to replace the auto glass. How much will an auto glass replacement cost you? Would a simple repair be efficient?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to these questions because it depends on a case-by-case basis. Naturally, there are situations where repairs are not an option but others are not 100% clear. So we will try to provide a bit more insight into the whole dilemma.

Factors that determine auto glass repair

Generally speaking, the repair of a damaged auto glass depends on a few factors: location, size and depth of the auto glass damage. You need to clear on that these factors only apply to windshields because their feature laminated glass. So with windshields, there is a chance of repair.

However, if your rear window, passenger windows get damaged, that’s for sure a replacement because those don’t use laminated glass and those windows/auto glass shatters in the majority of cases.

Auto glass repairs are possible in certain scenarios. This of course is not a foolproof list and there’s only one sure way of determining whether you’re up for a repair or replacement. By paying a visit to an auto glass shop and having it looked at. Generally speaking, auto glass repairs are possible if:

  • The auto glass damage is smaller than a quarter
  • The crack on your auto glass is shorter than 3 inches
  • The damage didn’t effect both layers of your auto glass (windshield). Keep in mind that windshields are made from two layers of glass and have a layer of laminated plastic between them
  • The auto glass damage didn’t extend to the outer edge of the windshield

Even if your damaged auto glass doesn’t fall into any of these requirements, repair might still be an option. During the years, auto glass repairs have come a long way so sometimes even extensive damages can be repaired. But for more details, contact Auto Glass Express.

Auto glass replacement is required

If your auto glass sustains some serious damage (most likely it shatters), you will definitely need a replacement. Aside from this, auto glass replacements are also necessary if:

  • The rear window is damaged (there’s just no way of fixing this since the glass isn’t laminated)
  • The side windows are chipped or cracked (the same reason as rear windows)
  • The cracks on your auto glass are significantly longer (more than 3 inches)
  • There’s pitting on your auto glass
  • Structural integrity of auto glass is compromised because of the damage

We reiterate once more…these are only general guidelines and cannot be applied to every single case. In order to be sure, it’s best to visit your local auto glass shop and have them evaluate the damage.